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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Nubar Suedes

Here are the Nubar suede's.  There are actually quite a few no green or blue that I found.  I won these in an auction on EBay for like $18.00 and it had a top coat which by the way is really good.  I might change to it.  I ordered a bottle because it works really well and I just need a break or an alternative to Seche Vite.
The name of the series of polishes were called Twilight.  Might have something to do with the movie but I don’t think so.  I’ve had them over a year so I got rid of the package it came in and don’t remember what was on it just that it was called the Twilight series.
Ok, the first one is a light black.  Very pretty.  Not a dupe of anything.   It is called Midnight matte.



This one is called Sunrise Matte.  It is a beautiful gold.  I haven’t seen a gold in any line.





The last one of the series is called Twilight.  It is a silver matte.




The formula for the Nubar goes on really smoothly and sometimes I think Nubar just doesn’t get enough love they have some beautiful polishes but go ignored but that is probably their own fault because of their marketing.  The only place to buy them is on e-tailers and they would do great in Ulta or Sephora come on guys.   Out of the four lines of suede's I have I feel that these are the best the smoothest dry fast and last longer and the price is not too high.   So like if you only want one or two I would buy them from Nubar because it seems they really have the formula down.