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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Polish Day 11 Deborah Lippman Cleopatra in New York

When I saw this polish I almost died it is so beautiful and in person it is even more beautiful.  I got it just before I was going to post another color but no way you have to see this gorgeous polish.  I have two bottles of it too.  I ordred it from Bloomingdales becauese they said it was only sold there so I immedicatley ordered.  Then I went to Nordstrom about four days later and there it was.  I tried to cancel Bloomdales but they would not let me so now I have two but not to worry that just means I get to go to Nordstrom and buy something else.  Here she is

I love this polish and again it is one of those polishes that does not photograph as beautifully as it is.  I am really glad I got it and I just can't wait to wear it out this weekend plus go get a new Deborah Lippman from Nordstrom.  I have to admit.  I have gone a little crazy this month with the Ulta Buy 2 Butter London's get one free.  Plus  I bought the whole new line of buttter London.  Some Cult Nails and Model's Own,  I was going to budget myself this month but I haven't been able to plus I ordered Ugg boots and got them yesterday.  I just needed them.  They are just the short ones in chestnut.  I have black ones, denim and pink.  So, I really felt I needed the brown ones.  I also ordered so many clothes from Macy's.  I feel strong though that I won't need to order too many more polishes plus I still haven't got my OPI James Bond.  I am getting really anxious about that.  If I get to order three polishes a week I will be ok.    Has that ever happened to you that you just gone over your polish spending limit?  Do you even have one?  What are your rules?  I'd really like to know because I am feeling guilty but also sad that I might not be able to buy any polish for a couple of week.  Please leave a comment on this I really want to know.  I need help.
Ciao for now,