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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Butter London Blagger

Have you ever wanted something and for some reason just did not buy it?  It’s not that you did not have the money or that you just bought something else.  Well that is what has been going on with me and this polish.  I always wanted it but for some reason, I’d buy something else and I don’t know why.  Now that I have it I think I have learned a lesson and decided that if I really want something and can afford it, it is ok to just buy it.  I love this color,  I loved the consistency of the polish and I got so many compliments and it is just a blue, but the thing about this blue that it is like the sky meeting the ocean.  I reminds me of the color that appears at around 4:00pm on a sunny day on a boat in the ocean.  I just looked at that polish and it took me there and it was the first time I wore it…  Sometimes you wear a polish that takes to somewhere but not because of the color but because you wore it when you were in a certain place.  I salute the person who came up with this color if it can get that type of reaction out of me.  I actually bought this on Amazon for $14.00 no shipping charges.which is how much it costs anywhere else.  I asked my doctor if I spend too much time at home, since I write out of home and order everything I can on the net.  He said I was actually pretty smart.  I avoid crowds, ensure I am going to get what I want and save money on gas.  So, which ever way you like to shop, it’s cool just as long as you shop smart.  Is there anything that you want but have been avoiding buying for no reason at all?
Ciao for now,
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