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Friday, May 31, 2013

Kimber’s A-Z Challenge Letter U

Today’s letter is U so I am using Jade’s Uau!  which means WOW in Portugese and they are serious when they named this wow.  The holo in this polish is amazing.  It is like wearing melted copper on your fingers.  It just glows.  Pictures can never quit capture the beauty of this polish.  This is one of my favorite polishes.  It is still available at Ninja Polish but there is always a waiting list for this one it can also be found on Llarowe and at $8.00 it is a bargain.  So if you like this keep an eye out for it.
Next week is V.  I am covered there not covered for X yet.  Yicks.

Ciao bellas,

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Kimber's Challenge 23 Inspired by a Movie

This was really hard because my favorite movie is Goodfellas.  Then the Godfather's and after the terrible time I had stamping on black I wasn't going to put myself through it and I also wanted something that was a little more PG.  So, I start thinking about the stamps I  have and on the bundle monster 3 set there is like a fence of wood.  So, I decided to do Titanic.  I was sure I had a boat a I felt I could draw and iceberg and then it started getting all jumbled.  So , again I went back to my saying keep it simple stupid and focused on what the whole true plot of the movie was it was about love and the heart of the ocean.  So, I painted index middle and pinky in Jade Hypnose and thumb and ring in Color Club Worth the Risque.  I pulled out my rhinestone and got to working on the necklace the Heart of the Ocean.  The blue nails were stamped with a heart design from my big Lealac plate and I used Worth the Risque to stamp.   it is a little understated but nice.  Besides who didn't like the movie Titanic.  Everyone cried.  It was a wonderful movie.  Maybe I will watch it tomorrow it has been years since i have seen it. 




So if you did see Titanic.  Do you have a favorite scene and does a small tear come to your eyes when you hear Celine Dion start to sing "The Heart Must Go On".   it was played at a family members funeral and I broke down so bad.  So, it is a double whammy for me.  So, if you have very fond memoires of this movie or song share them with us?
Ciao bellas,
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