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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Reward For Myself

If you have noticed I have not been posting as often as usual.  The problem, my husband’s Achilles heel injury.  If you have ever taken care of a sick spouse, boyfriend or and man I think you might know why I needed a reward.  Last Thursday was the surgery and I am just not used to this.  So, I had a gift certificate from Macy’s and when I saw that Chanel had released their autumn/fall polishes this was my favorite it is called Alchimie.  I would describe this color as a shiny olive, it is like you would take a raw olive and then put a coat of Seche Vite over it.  It is really pretty and so neutral.  I put it against some clothes and it pretty much went with everything I had even some reds.  The formula is much like the other Chanel’s I have reviewed first coat a little streaky but the second coat completely took care of the streaks and it looked perfect.  This is two coats with one coat of top coat.   I am back to Seche Vite.  It is just easier to come by than the Nubar top coat.  This polish did not go unnoticed when I wore it out.  I did get several what color is that questions.  Although, when I did say it was from Chanel I got a little of a sad look but said sometimes you just need to treat yourself.
It is good to treat yourself but when I do treat myself it is usually after doing something unusually nice for someone or knowing that I am going to so yeah, do it for yourself and play it forward.
Ciao bellas,

Monday, June 3, 2013

What the Heck, Bel-Argus by Chanel

It just seemed to me that since this was a limited edition polish they weren’t going to make anymore.  I should be getting Lilis this week sometime.  It is a small collection, it is Chanel and after all the chaos, I felt I deserved a little treat.  Now, I do have to say Bel-Argus is NO Azure.   It is a nice blue metallic that goes on like only Chanel polish does, like with most metallic.  The first coat was streaky but the second went on just fine.  There really isn’t a duo chrome but it does have an expensive look to it or maybe that is all in my mind.  It is a nice polish.  If you are a collector then buy it if not forget don’t waste your money but if you want one polish from this collection it is definitely Azure.  That is all I really have to say about this polish because it is pretty ordinary.

Ciao for now,

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Oops, I Did It Again

As you have noticed I have not written a single post this week.  That is is not normal for me.  I didn’t even write on my other blog.  Well, all I can say is that life happens and sometimes there is nothing you can do.  One word can change your whole life and that what happened.  That one word was uttered and it changed my life.
So, since Mother’s Day is this weekend and none of my children can be here it just made me so sad.  Mother’s who still have your children at home enjoy them everyday every second because before you know it they are gone and you are left at Macy’s way to close to the Chanel counter and go wild and spend $27.00 on a bottle of polish hoping it will fill the hole in your heart.  It doesn’t but you get over it and then you’ve got this gorgeous polish.  That flashes from teal to gold with a formula that is like butter.  Was it a mistake to buy this?  No, not right now.  Not ever.  Chanel is the ultimate.  My favorite perfume is Chanel No.5.  It is a classic and will never go out of style I think this is going to be the new Periodot.  Everyone is going to end up buying it.  It will be a fashion must.  So, if you get it be happy especially if your kids give it to you and if you get it post it on Monday and let’s see how many bottles were sold I am just kind of curious.
No recycle on this.  Can you guess the word I was talking about? First three to guess the word, I’ll send you a bottle of Essence nail polish for Mother’s Day.
Ciao for now,

Saturday, May 4, 2013

April favorites

 April was a month of a lot of polish and not much nail art.  I ordered a lot of polish.  Probably because it was my birthday and I kept justifying each bottle as a little present to myself.
So, the first polish I want to recognize is of course Claris the beautiful dream pink by Pretty Serious Cosmetics.

 And of course we can't get through April without mentioning Rikki.  My favorite of the shimmers.  Which I ended up buying all of those.  Only bought two pixie dust and am conducting an experiment.  I will report next week on my findings.  But I have nothing like Rikki and I look forward to wearing it often.

 The galaxy manicure was vindication for the two other ones I did and looked horrid.  I finally got it down and I think it looks pretty good.

Butter London's Sunbaker just reminds me of our summer vacation and how I can't wait to get a little sun and listen to some reggae music.


I added Bobby Dazzler not so much because I am in love with the polish but I like the way this picture looks.  I can't wait to wear this.

 This of course is my favorite polish but is it Taboo to spend $27.00 on nail polish?

So, these are my favorites did you see something that you liked during April that I did not add.  Let me know.  I love comments.
Ciao for now,

Friday, April 26, 2013

My Most Expensive Polish

Call it just good after getting out of therapy or weak.  On Wednesday, I have therapy and I have been seeing the same therapist for almost eight years.  So, sometimes we might cross the line and talk about nail polish, I turned her on to it, clothes, Jodie Arias or sometimes she wants my advise on a case she is having problems with but we decided I still needed her as my therapist and would never switch because she talks to my psychiatrist.  That is almost like never done but I force them to talk.  So, we had a good session.  After therapy is my shopping time.  I go to Sally’s, Charming Charlie’s, Macys and they opened this new story called Versona where they sell really cute jewelry.  I went to Macy’s and got caught by the Chanel lady.  I was of course looking at nail polish.  Then she showed me this one and bragged about it.  So, stupid it doesn’t take much to get us polishaholics to buy polish.  So, I bought it and I am not disappointed at all.
First I have to say that the formula is not like any polish I have it just has a superior consistency.  One coat would have been enough but I put on two.   Then it dries so fast.  The color is gorgeous.  You can see the blue undertones.  This is officially my favorite polish and yes expensive.  I wish it was $18.00 and I would buy more but at $27.00 a pop, it will be a while before I buy another bottle but I am very happy and have no regrets for spending the money.
Would you pay $27.00 for this polish and what do you think about it.
Ciao for now,