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Friday, January 4, 2013

Did You Like Deborah Lippman’s Cleopatra in New York? Now you can have it for the grand price …..

of around $3.00.  Yes, $3.00.  Maybe even $2.00.  The first night my daughter was here she asked me if I had a polish that was black with maybe gold glitter.  I said of course I do.  We got home and went straight to the polish room after a little banter and her browsing.  I pulled this out.

Cleo 1
A gold Essence nail polish that is gold glitter.
She put it on and I was like OMG.  I showed her the Lippman Cleopatra in New York.  I had to start laughing.  She did not really know what I was looking at until I swatched the Lippman.  She said, ‘Mom, take it back you are the queen of taking things back, you wear shoes and are able to take them back.”  I laughed and told her it was supposed to be a Bloomingdale’s exclusive.  She laughed and said you got jipped.  I almost cried and said I know.  Check this out.


Can you tell the difference.  I can’t.  In order to achieve the look though layed down one layer of black then a thin layer of the glitter polish then a black layer and then another coat of glitter.  I swear I can’t tell the difference. 
These are two black polishes I found in my box of polish I have not shelved yet.

Cleo 3   
  Cleo 5           

     Cleo 2


I don’t have the name of the gold glitter from Ulta and can’t get to it right now but I will post it tomorrow.  Really almost any gold glitter will do.  This one is perfect though because it has the hex glitter.
So, if you liked that polish and did not want to spend the money now you can have it.  If you try this send me pictures and we will put them on one post and send them to Ms. Lippman and tell her to please get more creative.  There are so many dupes for her polishes.