Wednesday, October 31, 2012

First Autumn Water Marble

My first fall water marble.  So excited.  I ended up using all the colors from the china glaze On Safari. Lots of people are scared of water marbling but you don'[t have to be.   If you are new to marbling start out with cremes that highly pigmented with filtered or drinking water.  I use a glass that isn't so big and you don't need to use white as a base.  Use the lightest color in your marbling on. You can tape your fingers that way you don't make a mess all over your fingers.  I use my cotton claw to clean my fingers.

So, have you tried water marbling?  What was your experience?

Polish of the Day 22 Ik-A-Body China Glaze

Happy Halloween,
The closest I come to Halloween is this color here by China Glaze.  I won it in an auction for like $2.00 after Halloween.  So, Thursday will be a good day to do some Halloween shopping everything will be fifty percent off.  Ik-A-Body is a glitter polish, it has a black base with black and orange glitters.  I like orange alot and was just drawn to it and did wear it after Halloween.  If it matches what you are wearing it is fine.

Halloweenish but also very autumny

Peacock Feathers

Peacocks.  Beautiful birds with some of the most beautiful colors I've ever seen.  I remember our neighbors had two of them and somehow they would always get out of their yard and end up in ours.  They ended up donating the peacocks to the zoo.  People want to have exoctic pets but it is really hard to keep them.  Regular vets don't really know how to take care of them so if you are thinking of taking on an exoctic pet talk to a vet to ensure that your exotic pet will have the proper medical care and if they won't put them on your fingers.
I used Orly Haley's Comet and stamped using BM 212 and used Maybelline Color show in Bold Gold for Stamping.  Then used Klean Color metallic green to fill in dots in the pattern.  Hope you like.

This is really easy to do and it looks really pretty.  Oh, another thing, you know how I always say keep it simple stupid.  I am going to abbreaviate that to KISS.  I saw it somewhere it is less derogitory.
Ciao Bellas,

I am telling you something is up

Unless you have been living under a bottle of nail polish you know don't know about the storm hitting New York.  As a believer in 12/12/12 hold on for more bad weather.  In Texas we are in hurricane alley.  I was watching Dancing with the Stars.  Brooke Burke was saying we are with you make sure you make use of your votes.  I laughed and said, "Bitch have you ever been in a hurricane?"  We'll I have been in several and there are no lights, no tv, shitty food, stinky people, and you don't give a crap about using dancing with the stars.  Hurricane Ike, Alan, Beulah, and Alice are the big ones I have gone through.  Then there was hurricane Rita where we were forced to evacuate because of the tragedy of Katrina.  My husband had to stay to protect his business from loiters.  I was going to my mother in law's  in Dallas with my best friend.  Then came the Thelma and Louise moment.  My friend, Carla tells me she has a gun.  I rolled  eyes ask if it is registered to her.  she said to her father.  Ok, I am thinking then comes the big question.  Is the safety on?  Now, she is nervous, I don't know and starts to cry saying we are going to be two girls out alone on the road people are going to want to steal our food, our gas and even our car and she had been watching the news and was scared.  I thought ok.  She said she did not know if it was loaded or if the safety was on.  She says you know how to use a gun.  I was like yeah, but they guys always loaded it and put the safety on.  I was just hoping she would not freak out at some point.  I had a gun pulled on me twice working with CPS but I just remained calm and left I never pulled a gun on someone.  So, I just said let me see the gun.  I saw where the safety was and put it on and it was not loaded.  I didn't tell her that and made her promise she wtould not pull the gun and freak out.  We moved two miles in four hours and decided to head south.  It wasa nightmare.  There was no gas, no food, nothing for miles.  No place to go to the bathroom.  I remember she peed in a pickle jar.  We hit an hour away from Brownsville.  we stopped ate, got gas and I got a 24 ounce beer.  We got stuck in Brownsville for five days of which we turned into a mini vacation. 
But right now we have a town where a hurricane has not hit in 140 years.  I hope they were prepared because it is no walk in the park whether you stay or evacuate.  keep and eye on the weather I predict we will see a lot of irregular patterns in the weather.

Ciao for now,

Monday, October 29, 2012

Polish of day 21 butter London Stag do

I got this last week and almost forgot I had it. This polish looks beautiful in the bottle but don't expect not get that same shimmer on your nails for some reason it just turns to a crème. I don't know if maybe once a little more polish has been used the gold flecks will start to show but just the way it is I see nothing. The formula is like butter and it dries really fast like all other butter London's but I was disappointed with the way the polish transfers from the bottle to the nails. Even as a crème it is pretty though.     DSCF5118   stag  do 3   stag do 1   stag do 2   Do you see any gold flecks in this polish?
Ciao for now,

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Polish of Day 20 American Apparel Imperial Purple

This polish is from American Apparel.  It is a deep purple with more blue than red.  This is the first time I even put it on and thought why haven’t I worn this before.  It looks really regal and of course the formula is great.  This is one coat with a top coat.   You can buy American Apparel at the store for $6.00 or 3 for $15.00.  If you don’t have an American Apparel and want a blogger buddy to go buy you the polish.  I will be glad to do it just send me an email and we can work something out.  So here are the swatches.

imperial purple

imperial purple 1

imperial purple 4

imperial purple 5

So what do you think of this color? like it or lose it?

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Polish of Day 19 China Glaze Kalahari Kiss

I know this wasn’t a favorite of many but it was one of mine.  I love because it is so natural and also you can stamp so easily on it. It has a yellow ting but with beige in it.  I just think it is a great color.   Kalahari Kiss is part of China Glaze’s Safari Collection.  It might still be available in stores if not go to other etailsers you know.  Like trans design, amazon, eBay,or should still have it in stock.  I know Beauty Brands has it and so do some Sally’s.





Do you have any strong feelings about this color like love it or just really hate it?  Leave a comment.

Kimber's Challenge 23 Inspired by a Movie

This was really hard because my favorite movie is Goodfellas.  Then the Godfather's and after the terrible time I had stamping on black I wasn't going to put myself through it and I also wanted something that was a little more PG.  So, I start thinking about the stamps I  have and on the bundle monster 3 set there is like a fence of wood.  So, I decided to do Titanic.  I was sure I had a boat a I felt I could draw and iceberg and then it started getting all jumbled.  So , again I went back to my saying keep it simple stupid and focused on what the whole true plot of the movie was it was about love and the heart of the ocean.  So, I painted index middle and pinky in Jade Hypnose and thumb and ring in Color Club Worth the Risque.  I pulled out my rhinestone and got to working on the necklace the Heart of the Ocean.  The blue nails were stamped with a heart design from my big Lealac plate and I used Worth the Risque to stamp.   it is a little understated but nice.  Besides who didn't like the movie Titanic.  Everyone cried.  It was a wonderful movie.  Maybe I will watch it tomorrow it has been years since i have seen it. 




So if you did see Titanic.  Do you have a favorite scene and does a small tear come to your eyes when you hear Celine Dion start to sing "The Heart Must Go On".   it was played at a family members funeral and I broke down so bad.  So, it is a double whammy for me.  So, if you have very fond memoires of this movie or song share them with us?
Ciao bellas,
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Butter London Two Finger Salute

Butter London's two finger salute is perfect for the winter months coming because it is a wintergreen color with red specs in it.  it  really is a beautiful unique color and the pairing of the green and red makes it the color of the season.  I put some CND crimsom shimmer on it and got wows that day.  Since I had to go to a new PCP, who referred me to four other doctors not happy.  I had to get blood drawn and the lady who drew it was in love with the color.  Thank God she hit a vein on the first try.  I have the worst veins in the world.  You can't see them and they are really thin.  That is why at a young age I decided I would not become a heroin addict.  Ok, I think this is a must have for winter because you can also carry it into spring and anything that has a dual purpose for me is good.  Texas is not known for having really cold winters but today it got into the 60's first time all season.  Everybody pulls out their winter clothes.  I know I did.  I pulled out my uggs and this really pretty military like sweater I bought and a hat but don't laugh at us Minnesota and Jersey that is just Texas.  We went to eat at this Italian restaurant and everyone was decked out in their winter best.  My husband is from Jersey during the winter because he is always saying it's not cold.  the rest of the year he is a Texan. I think that he is a Texan right now though because I think the Texan football team is doing very well.  So, he forgets he is from Dallas and just acts like a total Houstonian.  He makes me laugh..   I wonder what he would say about me if he was writing this post?  He only reads my blog occasionally.

Ok, so I love two finger salute and hope fishwife comes to Nordstrom but I do have a question for married bloggers.  Does your husband ever read your blog?  And do you ever write things about him that maybe he would get a little embarrassed about if you have.  Share your comments with us.  I would love to know because I know I am so guilty of that.  I once took a picture of my husband's feet because they look like Fred Flinstones because the name of the post was Flintstones Meet the Flintsontes.  Please share if you have I would love to hear some funny stories about this.


Ciao bellas,

Friday, October 26, 2012

Polish Day 18 Orly Miss Conduct

This is part of Orly's Christmas collection.  Miss Conduct is a beautiful red.  You have to see it to appreciate it but when you see it you are going to want it.  I have to admit.  I have been buying several Orly polishes this month.   I really like them and you know that they have more polish than other bottles of polish.  I got this on eBay for $6.00.

I think it is beautiful with it's small particles of glitter in it.  The season of and early night life is coming and this polish will be make a beautiful transition from office to night.  I know I'll be wearing it often. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Polish Day 17 OPI You're A Doll

Today, I have OPI's You're A Doll it is and old one it came out in about 2009 with a Christmas edition but it looks exactly like it's name. It is a light pink with a shimmer of silver it is really pretty. I actually got this for like $2.00 and now it is much more expensive so it was a good buy. Here she is "You're A Doll".

So, this is You're a Doll.  Do you like it or pass?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pink Wednesday

This is my manicure for Pink Wednesday.  I used Orly Miss Conduct and BM plate 317.  Sweet and simple.  I ended up getting a lot of compliments on it.  Nothing more to say.  There is a saying that says keep it simple stupid.  That is what I did today.   Went to two MD Appointments so I saw a lot of people and everyone complimented me on how cute they were.





Sometimes it just that simple.
Ciao bellas,

Polish Day 16 Butter London Bumster

When I saw this color, I knew I had to have it.  It is going to be a great color for fall.  The formula is great and I am in love with this color.  I love the color yellow and purples.  This one is a neutral that you can wear with anything and to be really honest with you, I can't stand seeing people wearing nail polish that doesn't match what they are wearing.  I am a very matchy matchy person down to my my underwear.  I have to know the next day what I am going to wear so my nails are going to match although two days last week I was out with two completely different nail polishes in my hand.  My husband's computer crashed and  I lost all my pictures.  So, I have been working like a work horse getting mani's done and now doing polish day.  I really have to have something to show everyday but I want to do that.  I was excited the other day when I was looking for a swatch color on the internet and my blog came out.  That was cool.   So, anyway, here is Bumster.  I even like the name.


So, any comments about this color?  Leave a comment.
Ciao, Patty