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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I Got Lucky this Month

I was pretty lucky this month, I got the gold Julep Maven box this month.  I won a giveaway but haven’t won one this month.  The Julep box was cool though.  First it came in a gold box and I just thought they changed the boxes but I knew I was wrong .
Because this was right on top when I opened it.
So, here is what was in it.
A box, geez I wonder what is in it.
A bracelet.
ohh, strawberry lipgloss.
The Rock Star Hand Lotion.
What is in here?
Six, count them six nail polish.  But I have a question this is only my third box.  Did I get this so I would keep ordering so that I might think I will get the Gold Box or was I just lucky?
Let me know if you are with Julep and if this has ever happened to you.
Ciao Bellas,