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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Color That Started My Obsession

I hope if you got to prettynpolished restock you were able to get something.  I got party on my yacht, dakota, and the yellow one for gemini but it was a mini.  I am not disappointed though.  On Monday, KB Shimmer will have her opening at her own shop.  her website is  You can see the polishes that will be going up for sale.  She also has a successful line of soaps, balms and bombs.  but her polishes are amazing.  I am definitely going to try to get Vegas Bomb.  you can see it on her facebook page.  So all that excitement happens you on Monday.
A couple of weeks ago their was a giveaway which no on won since no one entered.  I know it wasn't the greatest giveaway but it was something.   In a lot of these giveaways if you don't know something just skip it and you just don't get one  point you still get others.  I don't have an index that shows my stash or what giveaways there are.  but I blog about them on my blog.  please, don't think you can't win I won a give away Erika at polish had.  I love it.  So, if I am telling you of a giveaway, I am also entering it and it is random.
Ok, now the color that made me stop the the crazy obsession to only have acrylics with black nail polish.  it is................OPI's  Lincoln Park After Dark.  It is still a winner.  As I was doing inventory, I found it and was just so happy.  I still love this color.  It is still a regular with opi so you can get it anytime.  I don't know anyone who did not have this color so today, I thank Lincoln
  Park .

Here she pretty.
Well, Caio for now,