Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Twenty Pounds of Middle

Now, I have no idea what twenty pounds of middle means but to me right now it means a really nice glitter topper.  This is a really great glitter topper from Whimsical Ideas by Pam.  The thing I love about this polish is that you can wear it matte or shiny and it literally goes with every color.  It can even be transformed if you want to wear it on a holographic polish you can top with a polish like Cult Nails Mayhem and it will pick up a holographic look.    You could even change the color if you used one of those new OPI translucent.  I love this glitter topper.  I have worn it several times with people always asking, ”Where did you get that polish.  I have never seen anything like that before.”  I always love to give information to people where I get my indies.  I feel like a walking advertisement.  There are several shapes in this glitter including little hearts.  The only thing I don’t see this glitter being to great for might be a jelly sandwich.  But I don’t know I haven’t tried so I am not going to totally ruling it out until I try it and as soon as I find it works.  You, readers will be the first to know.   So, for this mani I used just a regular black but then used an OPI Solitaire on my accent finger.  There was no recycling this manicure so it just came off after four days.  But it sure was pretty.




DSCF2896 (2)


Hope you like this one.  Let me know.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Press Release. Cirque Burlesque Collection.


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New York, NY (September 2014) - From musicians to magicians, Cirque Colors drew inspiration from vaudeville shows of the early 20th century to create a 4-piece fall collection called Burlesque. These sultry holographic shades embody the lush and dramatic stripteases that put such acts like the British Blondes and Gypsy Rose Lee on the map.Josephine, a dark forest green, pays homage to Josephine Baker (the original twerker) and her famous banana dance. While the navy blue hue of Trocadero represents a night out on the town at the historic Philadelphia theater.
A vampy burgundy with a rainbow holographic finish
An antique gold with a rainbow holographic finish
A blackened green with a rainbow holographic finish
A navy blue with a rainbow holographic finish
The Burlesque Collection will be available online at on September 25, 2014 for $13 each. Refer to theStockists page for participating retailers.

Cirque Colors™ is line of hand-blended nail lacquers based in New York. The name Cirque, meaning ring or circle, represents the color wheel and the endless color possibilities in the continuum. Founder/Creative Director, Annie Pham, sought to develop colors that transcend those of conventional brands by experimenting with unique pigments and raw materials. All nail lacquers are 3-free, which means they do not contain toluene, formaldehyde or dibutyl phthalate (DBP). They are also scented with a blend essential oils that leave a light floral aroma after the polish dries. Made in the USA. For more information, please email

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What a Show Off

Yes, I have to say I felt like a Show Off when I wore this polish.  Only because this is Show Off from Colors by Llarowe.  It was a polish I had searched for for quite a while.  It is a strong duochrome but it is like a burnt orange shifting to gold.  There is no brown in it.  I have seen many shifters like this but this definitely based in an orange with the gold shift.  It is  just so pretty I did not recycle.  Some polishes are like that for me.  So pretty that to stamp or do anything other than just wear the polish alone would be off.   Some polishes are very stand alone and to do anything to them just doesn’t make them look better they just look weird.  This is one of those so I did not mess with it. 








I bought this polish at Llarowe for $12.00.    Don’t forget though that Llarowe does have a rewards program in which you get cash towards any future purchases.  I was so happy to make VIP Rouge at Sephora now I get free shipping for everything no matter how much I spend.  So, you are always getting rewarded for every purchase you make at Llarowe.

Ciao Bella,

A Medical Update.

I knew it but no one believed me.  Some of you know I had a pretty serious back sugery in May.  I know I have never had edema.  I walked into the surgical center and I woke up with two complaints one was PAIN the other was what the hell is going on with my feet.  I told them it felt like I was walking on water balloons.  No one paid attention to me two weeks later I still had the condition and I still had the water balloon sensation.  After four weeks I would feel as if my feet had pebbles plus after walking a while I would also get the sensation of rubber bands around my toes.  I told my doctor I knew he messed something up and just wanted him to just fix it.  He said the edema had nothing to do with surgery and to go see my normal doctor.  She gave me Lasix and the next day my right foot is better but not the right.  Now to make this short.  After countless vascular and nerve studies.  It turns out my doctor botched my surgery and I think I am going to need to go through the worst experience in my life.
So, how do you pick a doctor.  I would say first ask friends.  If you see a doctor make sure you ask what type of pain medication you are going to get after your surgery.  If you don't feel comfortable, please don't feel tied down to a doctor.  If you call your insurance and tell them you do not feel comfortable with the doctor and then call the doctor's office manager they will more than likely get you back any deposits you have paid.  You just have to talk to the office manager.  They might not be able to return all your money but they can probably like I said return deposits.  I was not comfortable when I met the surgeon, especially after he screamed at me when I asked a question.  I should have walked out I had just read in Texas Monthly they were Top docs in Neurology, but I don't know if they paid for that.  If I would have just checked the reviews on their Facebook page, that would have told me a lot.  So, if you are not happy with your doctor before surgery it is highly unlikely you will be happy afterwards.  Don't be bullied.  They work for you.  I hope this helps anyone who is struggling with a doctor.  Again if you have any private questions you ever want to ask regarding posts like this one please feel free to contact me.  I am not saying I have all the answers but having been a social worker for so long, I might at least be able to lead you in the right direction.


Oh, yes, and because my health is in such a delicate situation.  My new doctors said "No , way will we approve a trip to Vegas."  So, I will not be seeing my beloved Alejandro Fernandez in concert.  I may never get a chance again since he doesn't tour much in the US.  If I would have just walked out when this doctor screamed at me maybe I would be going to Las Vegas on Sunday instead getting ready for yet another MRI and guess who is paying financially for all this?  ME

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Battle of the brushes ---- Sigma vs. Mac

I have been wanting to do this post for several months but I am a little fearful.  There are some big bloggers that totally have lines within Sigma and would bash this post.  Luckily, I am a small and independent blogger and can say whatever the you know what I want.  I guess that's the great thing about being an independent.  All I can say is yes Sigma brushes are good but Mac are better.  I know there is a big price difference and I was sucked into buying less expensive brushes based on these great reviews look who is doing these reviews.  There is a big difference between the two and you might not notice if you have perfect skin.  Sigma brushes do not get clean even with the best brush cleanser, Mac brush cleaner.  No one will deny the magical power of Mac brush cleaner.  It doesn't matter if you have perfect skin or not.  I don't want a dirty brushes on my skin.  The eye brushes are pretty good at getting clean and application is just ok.  I can tell the difference from a Mac brush and a Sigma.  I don't know what possessed me to buy the Sigma F86 a tapered brush and F80 the flat kabuki.  I guess I started watching a little too much YouTube.  To get these two brushes clean you really need a lot of Dawn soap plus something a little abrasive.   Sigma actually sells a glove that they recommend you buy to clean your brushes.  What is that?  A sign.  Oh, an it is not cheap it costs like $30.00?  That should be a red flag another bad thing about Sigma is that their shipping charges are outrageous and there is no break for buying more.  Mac has free shipping everyday as does Nordstrom.  To me I am sorry I went the cheap route.  I am slowly buying a brush here and there.  I gotta admit though, sometimes clean hands are the best thing for putting on makeup.

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