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Monday, December 3, 2012

Yes, You Can Get Them Wet

I did this manicure a couple of weeks ago but did not test it out.  Last week I decided to test it.  So, I painted one hand with one coat of Color Club Revvolution.  I wore it to sleep.  I woke up twice to go potty and washed my hands both times woke up in the morning to wash my face.  Ate breakfast, putzed around the apartment doing some light chores and it did last through the whole day.  I did this with embossing powder not flocking.  Embossing has shorter hair and is a little rougher than flocking powder although I did hear that the Born Pretty store sold some flocking powder that stayed on even after washing your hands.  I ordered some of that to see how it worked out.  The embossing powder worked really well and it really looks like the velvet  manicure.  I really like it and will wear it out very soon.

furry nails 1

Furry nails 15

furry nails 13

furry nails 8

It looks a little like salt and pepper but it is really glitter.  I like these because they are easy to do and real eye catchers.  What do you think love them or Leave them?