Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Hunk of the Month

Some material in this post may not be suitable for young children


A reader did suggest a hunk of the month but since April was my birthday month and it was horrible.  I decided I would do one of my all time hunks.  Next month, I will do the reader hunk.  Another reason I did not do him was because I don’t know anything about him and haven’t had any time to research him. 

Now, maybe five years ago or more I would have just grossed out to Mr. Ferrell but he has made a major change in becoming a father, laying low in the press and no scandals.  I think his management company threatened to fire him if he did not clean up his act.  Well he has and for the better.  This is the ultimate bad boy.  He is the guy that picks you up on his bike and takes you right on his bike.  I need my back fixed!  So, that is my fantasy with Colin.  He has swagger but he is no longer the drunkened idiot he used to be.  Plus I have heard really fills his Calvins.  I am sure if you search the web you can find some frontal on this man. 

So, now if you interview Colin you are going to get a well groomed quite intelligent man.   To me the most attractive thing about a man is his voice and his mind.  I know I talk about other things but I have dated really good looking guys that are just dumb as a rock.   After I graduated I made it a point to only date college graduates so at that time I did think Colin was a fool but he has done a 180 and for these reasons.  I chose Colin Ferrel for the hunk of the month.

  If you want someone as your hunk of the month email me at plgreen16@yahoo.com and on the subject line just put hunk.  This year I want your hunks on this blog.




Colin 3


Colin 5







Colin 10



So cute.



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