Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Reward For Myself

If you have noticed I have not been posting as often as usual.  The problem, my husband’s Achilles heel injury.  If you have ever taken care of a sick spouse, boyfriend or and man I think you might know why I needed a reward.  Last Thursday was the surgery and I am just not used to this.  So, I had a gift certificate from Macy’s and when I saw that Chanel had released their autumn/fall polishes this was my favorite it is called Alchimie.  I would describe this color as a shiny olive, it is like you would take a raw olive and then put a coat of Seche Vite over it.  It is really pretty and so neutral.  I put it against some clothes and it pretty much went with everything I had even some reds.  The formula is much like the other Chanel’s I have reviewed first coat a little streaky but the second coat completely took care of the streaks and it looked perfect.  This is two coats with one coat of top coat.   I am back to Seche Vite.  It is just easier to come by than the Nubar top coat.  This polish did not go unnoticed when I wore it out.  I did get several what color is that questions.  Although, when I did say it was from Chanel I got a little of a sad look but said sometimes you just need to treat yourself.
It is good to treat yourself but when I do treat myself it is usually after doing something unusually nice for someone or knowing that I am going to so yeah, do it for yourself and play it forward.
Ciao bellas,
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