Monday, November 12, 2012

Polish of day 31 Essie’s Your Place or Mine

I really like these types of colors,  they grow on me and what I really like Is that I get two for one on this.  I wear it for a couple of days then stamp and wear it a couple more days.  I am no changing polish as much unless I am just doing a swatching day.  Right now my cuticle are raw so I am really glad I took these pictures otherwise you’d be looking at some nasty cuticles.  I’ve just been trying to get on a decent sleep schedule and sometimes I forget my lemony flutter with gloves.  So, now I am just going to sleep 1/2 an hour earlier so I can get my sleep under control.  A lot of people just don’t understand sleep apnea and it is just so bad sometimes it literally rules your life but it is getting better but any change in schedule an ruin all the work you’ve done.  So, your place or mine it looks prettier in person as most polishes do.  It is a corally pink.  It is darker than it photographed.

your place or mine 5


your place or mine 5

What do you think of this color?
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