Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fourth of July Easy Manicure

I decided to do a very patriotic fourth of July manicure.  Some people really get into it.  Others do something else.  I was always a beach goer on the fourth but living in Houston, we just don’t have the beaches that I am used to so, I do the city girl thing.  You know barbeque and watch the fireworks.  I think this is the only city thing I really don’t enjoy but I make the best of it and throw on a red shirt and denim shorts.  So, something simple is really in order.

What I did here was use all OPI nail polishes.  I used I Saw U Saw Warsaw, Dutch Tulips, DS coronation and Alpine Snow (from left to right).  It was easy and will go with anything you want to wear come tomorrow and all these polishes are one coaters except for DS Coronation which is a two coater.  It literally took me five minutes to do this manicure.  So, if you are in a hurry you might want to try this.










Want to stamp?  Here is a quick stamping.  Make sure you use a top coat and make sure it is dry and you will get great results.







An easy striping job using Cheeky plate 4.  I striped the pinky (not the best once I saw it photographed but you get the idea) using a stripping brush and OPI I Saw U Saw Warsaw and used Konad White and Silver special polish to stamp.

This manicure is quick and easy a great one day manicure since you only need one coat removal will be easy and that too is important because you will probably only wear this for one day with the stamping without you can wear a couple of days.  I hope you all have a great fourth.

Ciao bellas,


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