Saturday, July 13, 2013

June Favorites

Well, looking at my Stats June breaks them all in that only published 11 posts.  So, this will probably be a very short list. 

Northern Star Sunburst.  You will see this again. 
Chanel Bel Argus

Blue Raindrops

Pink Raindrops

My polish problem was a good post for me to write just so I could see myself the extent of my need to let go and help find these babies another home because they are just sitting on a shelf.  I got so many suggestions and ideas so that is going to help me.  I won't do it today because I do abide because I do keep to the Sabbath.  But tomorrow is back to work.  (did you know you can schedule posts to come out at a later time and date?  I just found out.  That is really cool.)
Ciao bellas,
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