Monday, July 8, 2013

Saturday Shopping

Well, I never though this would happen but you those big boxes of cotton they sell at Sally’s?  I ran out.  So, I decided to take Goldie since they really like her visits.  I am just shocked that there is no more cotton.  I guess it lasted about a year and I really got my money’s worth but there were other things I wanted to do.  Victoria’s Secret is having a sale on panties 7 for $26.00 and even though I am not incontinent yet.  I don’t like holes in my panties and my husband will literally throw away anything that has even the smallest hole although I did find an old t-shirt that I threw away he saw it and freaked.  It turned out his mother had bought it for him.  We have gotten rid of most of our clothes from past “administrations”  (that is what we choose to call all our ex’s and between the two of us there are a lot, does that mean we were both you know, sluts.  Not me, I didn’t sleep with everyone I dated.  He maybe did.  I seems to have relationships where he seemed to have two week f_ck friends.  Oh, I don’t know.)  Boy, that was off the subject.  Anyway,  I came up with this manicure last night knowing that I was going to do something today and knew what I was going to wear.  So, I came up with this manicure.  First I am going to show you a picture of the shorts.


I have a lime green shirt I am going to wear with this.  So here is the manicure.






To get this look, I used Essie’s The More the Merrier, stamped with Konad special polish in white using Cheeky Plate #4 to create the checkerboard pattern.   You can find this checker board pattern on several sets of plate or if you are really good at it you can draw them out.  Doing a lady bug is easy but you have to be extremely ambidextrous and I am not that good.  So, on Pueen Plate #47 there is a lady bug that I stamped on the corner.  I think it came ok.  What do you think?  OH, and feel free to vent about any former administrations if you want.

Ciao bellas,
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