Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Pink One

Today I have a polish that is named exactly for what it is a pink one but when I say pink, I mean pink.  I can see why Pretty Serious Cosmetics named it this.  It kind of grabs your attention.  You think I have see a lot of pink polishes but to use something as basic as The Pink One there might be something special about it.  There is it is a glossy bright pink think neon pink but not a flat a glossy.  It definitely has blue undertones which makes it very strong.  I would also venture to say that it has some yellow.  This polish is not for the trying to give off a shy vibe to anyone.  This polish has to be worn with a strong sense of who you are a daring, happy go lucky lady.  So, if you want to get some attention this is definitely a polish that everyone will notice.  I think it is great and I am really glad to own this one.







And of course there has to be a seriously wild ring.  The stones on the lips are pink and I actually think the pink from the polish drowned it out.  But I saw this ring on ebay and knew I had to have it because a polish would come around that would be perfect for it and this was it.

So, this bold polish is made by Pretty Serious Cosmetics you can purchase their fabulous nail polish at their website Pretty Serious Cosmetics or at Llarowe.  They end up costing the same at both sites about $10.00 a bottle. 

Ciao Bellas,
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