Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Polish I Waited For About a Year and a Week

So, I know it sounds  crazy but I did wait for this polish a year and a week.  So, it happened about a month ago, I was checking my email and there it was notification from Ninja Polish that Pinkerbell Floam was in stock.  I had gotten this notification several times but by the time I got to the website all it said was sold out, notify when available?  Of course I always put in my email address finally I got the email went to the site and it said add to cart.  I don’t think I have ever made such a fast polish purchase.  So, the night before my accident my husband and Goldie did their nightly walk to the mail box.  Goldie loves when Mommy gets “presents”.  When I saw that the package was from Ninja, I knew what it was.  I was so excited but had already done my nails for the next day.  Who would have thought what was going to happen.  I got home to like nine packages.  I took advantage of a Gap sale, of an on going Nordstrom sale and a new website called Zulilly, which is like HauteLook but not as expensive and has really cool clothes at a really good deal.  I also got my Macy’s order and have just been so happy to be home but I am overwhelmed with polish.  I didn’t realize how much I really order. 

So, as far as Pinkerbell goes I see it as a very versatile polish.  it is mainly light blue with pink and yellow glitters.  I did use undies.  I used Zoya’s Hazel but I think a crème color might be better because I ended up needing to use more coats because it looked metallic and its not supposed to look like that but you can used this with a pink and a light layer of Pinkerbell or yellow with a light layer.  I just love floam and if you think about it, it was one of the first texture nail polishes created.  I wonder about that because even Pretty n Polished had sand art at least a year before all these textured polishes came out.  So, if you have ever used floam you know it dries matte and you can get a shine using the right topcoat or several coats of your regular one.  I chose semi matte and was very happy with the results.  So, here is the pretty Pinkerbelle.













Isn’t she pretty.  How long long would you wait for a polish you really wanted?

Ciao bellas,


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