Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Where have Patty and Goldie Been

Hello.  I have been gone a while, I know.  I was in a pretty bad car accident two kids drag racing.  I was out like for two days woke up did not know what had happened.  Not good.  Slowly, my memory came back but I had very bad experiences with police in my hometown because they literally let a man  stalk me for months.  I do not trust cops and when they started questioning me and I had no recollection of what happened, they did not believe me and started to think I was protecting someone.   I guess it doesn't matter where you go.  My therapist and MD had to tell them about my PTSD and disdain towards law enforcement.  I basically had to stay a couple of extra days but I did find out that my hypothalamus is still not producing serotonin and norerenpherin.  Still going to need medication.  As far as physical injuries, two broken ribs, cuts, a head concussion and scrapes.  No injuries to my face.  Lots of hydrocodone for two more days.  Oh, and release to not have to talk to cops any more.  I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.  So, even though I got back Friday I just have been taking it easy and Tuesday has always been my workday so, I decided to try and get some work done but not much success the good thing is that I have some posts in draft and oh, my gosh, I had so many packages when I got home.  So, I am 75% back and hope that you all did not forget me.  Goldie was not with me so she has been fine.  My husband said while I was gone she spent all her time in the polish room.
Ciao bellas,
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