Friday, February 20, 2015

Just getting something straight

I was going to put a slide show in and have everyone vote for the hall pass and started to get a poll up. Well, right now you would not believe how chaotic my life is right now.  I also really miss doing this blog I have gotten several likes I the past few weeks probably because I have been on social media more.  I always said numbers didn't matter but honestly they do.  It is a sign that people have visited you site.  You only get email if you sign up for it.  How naive of me to think numbers didn't matter.  I saw other bloggers getting numbers bigger than mine and free polish from indie polish makers.  Bloggers who never spent a penny on this person's polish and me signing up to promote their polish because they had 1000 followers.  That is the golden number.

One Thousand





So, I guess you get it.  I am frustrated that my numbers are not high but I had a nurse and my neice ask why wasn't I doing the blog.  I said it was the surgery and in a big part it is but I really miss doing it.  I Judy need to figure a middle ground.  I might be able to reach that middle ground.  My biggest thing is really just editing.  I hate doing it so maybe I can do just two pictures.  I guess what I am saying is that yes, numbers matter and two that I am going to give this blog another chance.

So this a true Caio,
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