Friday, February 20, 2015

Hall Pass of the Year

You probably saw Charlie Hunnam as HP of the Year.  I was actually creating a slide show to show of all the men but had some trouble and figured I would just leave it like that.  The truth is that a Hall pass can be chosen if I went by page views and when I did I was so surprised.  My best friend's man seems to be pretty popular.  Yes, he had the most page views of any of the other men.  I don't know if it was because people did not know who he was or they did and had to see him but the difference in page views was staggering.  That I have to name Robert Rodriguez Hall Paa of the Year.  I want to thank my bestie CM, who has great taste in me and never settles for just anyone.  Makes me feel special that she calls me friend.  Thank you, C.  See you soon.

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