Tuesday, March 3, 2015

50 Shades of Blah

Now that I am back to blogging I just want to let you know that this is not going to be just a nail polish blog.  I am going to be doing more reviews of nail polish, makeup and even movies.  Think of it as a Glamour magazine in a blog.  I do want to say though that since the thing I buy the most of is nail polish you will still be seeing this the most.
So, this past weekend I went to see 50 Shades of Grey.  Holy cow.  I went very little information and I did not read the book but so that really makes me a better person to review this movie.
Ok, where do I start?
First and foremost the actor they chose was just not hot enough for me.  I was so sad when I heard Charlie Hunnam had dropped out.  I read an article that said he just was exhausted doing “Sons” and filming “50”.  So, I know they considered Alexander Skarsguaard but for some reason that never came to fruition.   So, I know some people do think this guy Jamie Dornan is cute but he is not manly he is boyish cute.  There was nothing special about his look.  I didn’t think he was really HOT!
Next we have Dakota Johnson.  Daughter to Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, who in their time were the most sexually promiscuous people in Hollywood.  Can I say they pretty much were sluts.  Now unfortunately sometimes the character of the parents rubs off on the children.    So, for this big movie you get their daughter to play a virgin.  She gave in so fast to sex that’s not really that normal for someone who has held their virginity that long.   The actress they chose again, we have a case of bad casting.  By the way Dakota you want to see a hot sex scene watch the episode of Sons where Tara grabs Jax and rips his shirt open and takes him on the bathroom counter knowing that her rival was come in and see them.  No nudity but that was hot!
The third problem was the actors themselves had no chemistry.  It is widely reported that Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan actually hated each other, so in that climate it is hard to create chemistry unless you have seasoned actors which in this case both are very new to acting.  Kate Winslet and Leo DeCaprio, neither one gorgeous people,  but they had chemistry and that is why we fell for the love story.  We did not have any chemistry between these two actors.  Plus I heard Dakota Johnson making fun of Charlie Hunnam for dropping out saying that I bet he didn't know the movie would be such a smash.  Ok, people were curious I am glad I only paid $6.00 to see the show.  Nobody mocks my Charlie Hunnam.  You might have sold a lot of tickets but  your reviews are just as bad as the one I am giving you. 
Now, the biggest problem with this movie is the content.  I took a year of male/female psychology and we ran the gambit of everything one of those being sexually deviant behavior.   Now, what this really was about was different kinds of sex, who engages in it and why but I think the main thing we got from this is when you have two consenting adults wanting to explore their sexuality it is not deviant as long as both parties are on board.  So, we had this but here’s the problem Christian Grey is not going to be a man wants to engage in this type of sex play most really wealthy men like Grey prefer a submissive role.  There is a reason for this it is because being so wealthy, heading large corporations, making million dollar decisions want to be in a submissive role.  It kind of neutralizes their life.  They often hire Dominatrix's.   They might even find a woman who is willing to engage in sex where he is told what to do.  If he does something wrong there will usually be a punishment.  These mega millionaires don’t make mistakes that his why they are mega millionaires.
There were so many things wrong.  Grey seemed like a puppy dog following Ana around.  He did not look like he was in charge.  She cried.   He consoled her.   She met his mother right away.  It was stupid.  I remember Dr. Drew who does a lot of work with addictions including sexual said he wished he could have the four hours he spent reading the book back.   I guess I am done with 50.  I think I am going to watch something more relevant like Birdman next.  Of course there is always 9 1/2 weeks that does what 50 shades failed to do and that was to make couples takes sex out of the bedroom every once in a while.  Make it fun.

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