Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Medical Update.

I knew it but no one believed me.  Some of you know I had a pretty serious back sugery in May.  I know I have never had edema.  I walked into the surgical center and I woke up with two complaints one was PAIN the other was what the hell is going on with my feet.  I told them it felt like I was walking on water balloons.  No one paid attention to me two weeks later I still had the condition and I still had the water balloon sensation.  After four weeks I would feel as if my feet had pebbles plus after walking a while I would also get the sensation of rubber bands around my toes.  I told my doctor I knew he messed something up and just wanted him to just fix it.  He said the edema had nothing to do with surgery and to go see my normal doctor.  She gave me Lasix and the next day my right foot is better but not the right.  Now to make this short.  After countless vascular and nerve studies.  It turns out my doctor botched my surgery and I think I am going to need to go through the worst experience in my life.
So, how do you pick a doctor.  I would say first ask friends.  If you see a doctor make sure you ask what type of pain medication you are going to get after your surgery.  If you don't feel comfortable, please don't feel tied down to a doctor.  If you call your insurance and tell them you do not feel comfortable with the doctor and then call the doctor's office manager they will more than likely get you back any deposits you have paid.  You just have to talk to the office manager.  They might not be able to return all your money but they can probably like I said return deposits.  I was not comfortable when I met the surgeon, especially after he screamed at me when I asked a question.  I should have walked out I had just read in Texas Monthly they were Top docs in Neurology, but I don't know if they paid for that.  If I would have just checked the reviews on their Facebook page, that would have told me a lot.  So, if you are not happy with your doctor before surgery it is highly unlikely you will be happy afterwards.  Don't be bullied.  They work for you.  I hope this helps anyone who is struggling with a doctor.  Again if you have any private questions you ever want to ask regarding posts like this one please feel free to contact me.  I am not saying I have all the answers but having been a social worker for so long, I might at least be able to lead you in the right direction.


Oh, yes, and because my health is in such a delicate situation.  My new doctors said "No , way will we approve a trip to Vegas."  So, I will not be seeing my beloved Alejandro Fernandez in concert.  I may never get a chance again since he doesn't tour much in the US.  If I would have just walked out when this doctor screamed at me maybe I would be going to Las Vegas on Sunday instead getting ready for yet another MRI and guess who is paying financially for all this?  ME
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