Monday, June 18, 2012

Grafitti Nails

Over the weekend while my husband forced me to eat and drink what seems like a gallon of water,  I knitted and then felt like I had been away from the polish world way too long.  I felt withdrawal so, I started to go through a whole bunch of flyers I had and saw these on a sephora add.  I think they are really neat and most of all totally dummy proof.  You can't screw them up.  I used just a regular black polish and five of my metallic Klean color nails.  place a droop of each different color of polish on a piece of paper, then dip the polish with a toothpick down or across the nail alternating colors.   I put a top coat but it did not look right so I used Essence special top coat.  That is some really good stuff it is cheap and a great matte coat and believe me I have tried a lot of high end brands and I like this one the best.  So, save your money and get some of this stuff.  I buy mine at ulta.

Caio, bellas

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