Saturday, June 9, 2012

Smart and Stupid Beauty Products I Have Used

I think at some time or another we have made some bad beauty product buys and some good ones. I'll start with the worst one. Last year my husband and I went to California and Las Vegas. I knew it was going to be so hot in Vegas I would be melting. So, I went on YouTube to find out what a good primer would be. Everyone said monistat chafing cream. Yes, the stuff you put on your who-ha. It supossedly had the same consistansy as Smashbox primer. I bought the Monistat and it did have the same consistency. I started using it and by the time I got home I had the worst case of cystic acne, it wasn't funny. Here I am 47 years old with acne like a teenager. I had never had cystic acne. It was so bad it burned and I would not leave home. I tried everything till finally my sister, who is a nurse was able to get me some medicine for it and it went away. The cleanser that did help for me was a Neutrogena acne cleanser with 2% salycic acid that soothes and cools.  I was telling my daughter about this ordeal and she said "that's what you get for putting something that goes on your vag on your face, Mom."  The only positive thing that happened was I discovered Revlon stay the day makeup since I did not want to use my MAC because I would have to use SO much of it..  I could not use a sponge or my makeup brush to put on my makeup be cause it would tear one of the scabs of my face and then it would start bleeding and turn into a mess.  I was forced to put my makeup with my hands. and found it was ok I just made sure my hands were freshly washed.  I liked the way my skin looked better and have thrown the sponge and brush to the bottom of on of my makeup baskets.  you see when you rub the makeup on your skin on youra hands it liquifies due to the heat your hands and face have naturally and it spreads easier.  So, something good came of that. 
Now, I highly recommend Lush's cuticle butter. It works great. A plastic surgeon told me that one thing women do wrong is they get a facelift or botox but do nothing for their hands, so if you are at that age of thinking about botox talk to your MD about your hands if you feel they look older than they should.  I am pretty lucky.  I am 48 and I think my hands look pretty good and I really don't have any wrinkles.  I can only attribute that to good genes on both sides of my family both my parents are 72 and no where look their age. Well, back to the Lush cuticle butter.  Even though it is called lemony flutter and does taste pretty good. (I know because I have tasted it.)  Don't put it on your bagel.  If you are not familiar iwth the Lush line. Almost everything is vegan and they have just wonderful products.  You can order from their website the only thing you can't order is the face masks since they need to be refrigerated.   I also put that sleep lotion by bath and body works on my hands with cotton gloves that I buy at Sally's for two dollars.  I can think of a few ways to inappropriately use cotton gloves but leave that to the imagination.  My hands feel great in the morning.
Now the next really stupid thing I did was put those plug in feathers in my hair but no one told me they should only stay on fora few days and then put them on again a week or so later. No, I wore them for weeks at a time taking them out and putting them on over and over again. I think I have lost 40% of my hair. Right now it is just growing out and It looks so weird.  To top that off I bought a wet dry flat iron that fried my hair.  I had really nice hair.  It is straight and used to bounce and shine now.   I cant even say what it looks like the only good thing is that my hair grows fast and I don't have to go to a job every day where I have to style it.  My hair is getting no heat at all just cotton headbands and LOTS of conditioner.  So thank you for letting me sound off and maybe help someone.  I am writing this as experiences I have had if you have had a beauty catastrophe and want to share please do that is what we blog for so that we don't waste our money or ruin any of the beauty we all have on the outside and on the inside. 
Well, caio for now,

Culprit #1

                                                                The Good GUY!

                                                                BAD BAD Hair

(she's gonna be sorry she's doing that)
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