Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nars. And a small giveaway

I must admit I am starting to buy some more expensive polish. I used to buy Chanel and Lancôme but then started getting French manicures for the next 8 years. Then the spell was broken with.......You' just have to wait til Saturday. What do you think it is? Just a hint it is an opi from around 2006-2007. If anyone can guess it I'll send you a $15.00 iTunes card. Well, I have to say Nars night ranger is just a beautiful forest green with gold flecks. I loved the consistency of the formula and I am looking to buy another bottle as soon as I can. I got a great deal on this one off eBay. I'll be checking later for special deals. I went a little crazy with Pretty and Polishes re-stock, so I must let my funds rise again. Here it is night ranger. And don't forget this sudden giveaway I'll post the answer and picture june 10, 2012 around 12:00 pm ST.

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