Friday, June 21, 2013

Kimber’s Challenge A-Z Letter X

Ok, so this is Ximena from Julep.  Julep calls it Simone but Simone is the English version of the name Ximena.  So, I thought figure that is an “X”.   I have a friend whose name is Simone and at times have heard her referred to as Ximena.  Ximena is a very popular name in Latin America and since Spanish is spoken in the world more than English I feel I am justified in saying this is an X.  If you don’t agree then I failed this challenge letter but I really tried.   I am dying to see the other creative ways the rest of the girls came up with X and very curious to see if anyone was able to hit the nail one the head.
Well there is my offering. 
Ciao bellas,
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