Monday, June 10, 2013

May Favorites

I have some time so I am going to share my May favorites.  I did not have that much time to post as often as I usually do.  May was pretty chaotic.  But I do think I have some things I did like about May.  These are not in any particular order but just a few of my favorites.  I looked at my posts noticed that I did not feature much nail art but for June I have a lot of manicures featuring nail art I just have not posted so you will see more nail art in June.  These pictures are in no particular order.

 I think this was one of many people's favorites because it was such a beautiful color.  I have not worn it since I swatched it but I will be using it this week as I do have a busy week ahead.

This was one of my favorites because of the beautiful shine that came with it.  It was absolutely gorgeous in direct sunlight and I did wear this one for a couple of days.

Another one by Whimsical Ideas.  Like I said daisies are my favorite flowers and if you read the whole post and saw the shirt that I wore with this polish it was a no brainer.  They were meant for each other.
I am not always the glitter girl but this one was too cute.  I love Pretty Serious Polish and had to help Daphne celebrate her birthday which just happens to be in April just like mine. I wonder if she is an Aries also?

Before this post, I reviewed Revlon's Charma Chameleon and said I was disappointed with the lack of duochrome but had confidence that the next go around would be improved.  I said this is what I want and Hits Mari Moon collection never fails to put out some outrageous duochromes which I love.   So, as long as Mari Moon is around.  They have a loyal customer.

I know this one is a little ordinary but if you read the post it explains my obsession with rings and why I just love putting them in my manicures.  Sometimes I hit the nail on the head but others, well, I kind of deal with what I have.  But this post tells the true reason why and when my obsession started. 
So, I hope that you enjoyed these posts as much as I enjoyed writing them and of course wearing the polish that went with them.  If there was a post that you particularly liked let me know if there was one you hated let me know that too.  But for now, it is late and I must get my sleep as I am taking care of a child tomorrow and not a four legged one.  A 10 year old boy, my nephew, and I know I will need all my energy to answer all his questions because that is all he does is ask quesions.  His parents are scared to have the sex talk with him, I told them I would do it.  Maybe that is why he is coming over. Yikes. 
Ciao for now, bellas,
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