Sunday, May 27, 2012

Easy Glitter Removal

Here is an easy way to remove glitter nail polish.  I saw it on somebody's blog tried it and was amazed. 

First step take a piece of cotton.  I used these cotton squares they sell at Sally and soak in acetone.  You can use polish remover but it doesn't work as well.

Next wrap the cotton around your finger.

Next wrap foil around your finger.  Wait around 10 minutes.

Voila.  Clean nails.

I know some of you may say ten minutes is a long time to wait but think of how long and messy it is when you just take it off with cotton.  It makes a mess and ends up taking the same amount of time.  Believe me I have tired it.  I avoided using glitter polish just because of the clean up,  now  I have not problem.  Sometimes I get so lazy I use it on regular polish.  

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