Sunday, May 27, 2012

Model Latina

Gold sandy beaches, lush green palm trees, and blue water as far as you can see.  Sounds like paradise, doesn’t it, but with 10 fiery Latinas competing to be the next Model Latina, it won’t be paradise.  When the sixth season of Model Latina starts on May 28th, 2012 on nuvo TV at 10:00pm EST.  It’s an all-new season, with a whole new cast of chicas vying for the opportunity to win Model Latina with a prize that includes a modeling contract with a large modeling firm and a huge cash prize.  There will be more catfights, backstabbing and scheming.  This season there will be new judges the renowned designer Alfredo Lacosta will be returning for his fifth season.  , Singer-actor Carlos Ponce and can I say with him on the show it will be caliente.  The third judge is Ines Rivero, a Latina Victoria’s Secret Angel, and a new host, Jocelyn Pierce, a model journalist who has covered sports and entertainment for Fox and E!

Personally, I love reality shows.  I love the scheming, backstabbing, lying, and other devious deeds these girls can come up with.  I have to be honest I love the bad girl because we all know one of them. On TV we love to hate her and lets admit we watch to see the bad girl get her dues.  Then there is the girl that is just so sweet that everyone loves her but deep down inside you hate her because she can do no wrong, her hair is always perfect, she is super skinny with a perfect body.  She always knows exactly what she is doing.  I always root for the loopy girl.  The one doesn’t have a clue but comes out smelling like a rose.  I think we watch these shows because as girls we relate to them in some way it gets us to see a little part of them in ourselves. 

Through all the scheming and fighting, there is one thing for sure these girls don’t forget what they are there for and that is to win the coveted prize of Model Latina.

The Judges                                                                                                               

Carlos Ponce                      Ines Rivera                 Alfredo Lacosta         

The Host

Be sure to watch!

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