Friday, May 4, 2012

I'm Back

Hi, everybody, I hope everyone has had a good week! I woke up to great news. I won Polish fixation's giveaway. She has a great blog if you want to check it out at http://polish I also got a lot of packages. A pair of Steve Madden wedges that I did fall flat on my butt in. I just laid on the floor and laughed and thought, "Am I too old to be wearing heels? Thought about it and said, nah". I got up and prayed I didn't fall around my husband because I knew where those shoes would be. I stayed steady all night but did order a pair of TOMS. If you are not familiar with them they are a low closed toe flat. I got those yesterday. Now, I am impressed with the company because for every pair of shoes they sell, they buy a pair for a child who needs one. I think that is pretty cool. So, I have also decided to turn our spare bedroom into the polish room. It will also house my yarn and notions because I really am into crafts. I finally made my way to California last summer and had to go to Venice Beach. It was wonderful. I grew up on the beach and really miss it. We do have beaches here but not like SOUTH PADRE ISLAND. What great memories of Spring Break, bonfires, and making sand castles with my kids. Then there were those quiet moments when I would take a blanket and sit out there till there was nothing I could hear but the crashing of the waves. I miss that. Well, I really wet off there. While in Venice I found the most beautiful shells, so I am going to make a shell mirror. I've always wanted one, so I will have my place to do that. Also to house shoes and an eight year collection of coach handbags. I can also take my little siestas that I like to take every now and then. So, even though I only have 6 followers I have decided to not give up just try harder make contact with bloggers I admire and "keep on, keeping on". So get ready because I am on a mission.
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