Friday, March 29, 2013

Crumpet’s Tri Color Challenge Day 4

This is my splatter mani that I am able to do with stamping plate DRK-C.  Ok, I am going to share a secret with you that usually works on the DRK plates, some bundle monster and some konad.  It really depends on the depth of the image and colors you are using but you can use almost any polish to stamp.  Here is my trick.  One I never use the konad scraper with the blade, I use the plastic one also so it doesn’t scrape my plates.  Also, I never use polish remover when I stamp for cleaning it is oily and does not dry the way acetone does.  After I am finished stamping I do use polish remover to clean everything.  Now, here is  the trick.  If you slightly use a nail file to file the rubber part of your stamper you are creating a rough surface and can pick up a lot of polishes.  Don’t leave the dusty stuff on your stamper just gently run it down a napkin or those cotton squares.  When you clean your stamper you need to file the rubber part again and repeat the slight cleaning.  As far as the scraping goes.  Go really fast and lightly when you have your polish on your plate and just pick up the polish on the plate on an up and down motion.  It might not work the first time you do it but with practice you might get to the point where you can stamp with any polish.  I am talking about this because I did not deviate from using the three polishes we are supposed to use.  I did not use Konad polish.  I would always rather use Konad polish but sometimes you need to use regular polish like I had to in this situation so that is how I did it.  I hope it doesn’t sound confusing, if you have questions e-mail me.  I might start to do some tutorials like on the stamping and on recycling manicures which I do often.  So, look for that.  I might start it next week because there are a lot of shortcuts you can take to make nail art easier.  Like water marbling.  There is a really easy way to do it and I read some people’s blogs on how they did it and I want to cry because they had a nightmare doing it, same with gradients.  So, I am going to start some tutorials.

Ok, Ciao for now,
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