Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Review GALS Stamping plates.

I love getting new stamping plates usually spend a whole day playing with them and then there came the GALS plates.  I had seen the review Ginasoguesswhat11, my favorite you tuber , review the plates and ordered them.  I guess seeing them together made me realize I made a mistake.  If you like geometric shapes, these plates are for you the good thing is that I think 3 plates have a frilly design which suits me fine.  But too many geometric designs.   I ordered the Wistonia Plates and those should be here this week.  They do look a lot better but with a name like GALS Princess Plates I accepted something more frilly.

Here is a plate not too geometric.

This one is ok it has some frill to it.
They are all like this. The little designs are ok but I am just not into having a whole set of plates with nothing but geometric designs for some people that is their thing.  That is fine.  This set was made for you.  I want frill and flowers and butterflies.
Now, there is one plate in this set that is a little disturbing. 

Does anyone know what the middle design is?  I think it is a vagina.  Many people have seen it some say it is one thing or another but on my end the consensus is vagina.  I don't want to display my vagina on my fingers.  So, if you know for sure what it is will you let me know.  Otherwise it is going to be in the WTF file.  I already got the opinions of the girls from Adventures in stamping and a little more than half agreed.   There were some funny comments.  So, know I share it with you to try to figure it out.  Please help let me know what you think it is nothing is out off limits in the comments section.

Ciao for now,

A vagina.  I don't want a vagina on my nails.
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