Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Paddy's Day mani

I know this is coming really late but it comes with a little story.  Now, many of you are saying what is a Jew doing celebrating St. Paddy's day.  Well, I was a Catholic till around the age of 30.  But here is the thing.  As parents we really need to watch what we say around our children.  I grew up thinking my maternal grandmother hated me because I heard it from my parents.  There was an incident that happened with two of my cousins and I was blamed.  So, if my aunts hated me it reinforced my thoughts.  Then I started to remember that every St. Paddy's Day my grandmother made sure she gave me something, money, candy, or a little piece of jewelry and when I was 16 she gave me a Bulova watch.  She had saved for two years for it.  Then my aunt told me she gave one to her daughter also.  She died a year later.  At the funeral, I found out she never gave my cousin a watch.  I did not know who to believe and did not care by this time.  I just loved my grandmother and now I know she loved me.  She always remembered St. Paddy's day, she taught me and only me how to crochet, and she took care of me when no one else could but alas it took too long for me to find out.  So, I dedicate this post  to my beautiful grandmother.  The cute old lady with the rosy cheeks and eyes like the sky.  

patrick 5

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Ciao bellas,
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