Wednesday, March 6, 2013

February Favorites

February was is a short month but for me it seemed really long for the first time in my life probably because I can’t believe this but I did only 26 post the whole month.  Next month is my blogiversary so I will be running a poll on the right column of the blog.  Another thing is my follower number did not change at all I am stuck at 193 and would love to be at, at least 200 by my blogiversary.  So, if you haven’t signed up please do.  You don’t get emails and it just makes it easier for giveaways.  I sign up for so many sites that if I got emails from all them I would probably about 150 a day.  It’s just a number but a number that kind of means something to bloggers.  So,  if you want join the site and just know that when there are giveaways on this site it is just easier to enter.
Ok, of course I like all most posts, some are too wordy and some are too mechanical and finding a balance sometimes is hard but since I buy all my polish.  I can post whatever whenever I want.   So, my first favorite is my post for the Letter E from Kimber’s Challenge and not so much because I love the manicure but because I got such funny comments from those who read it and I love that.  I want you all to laugh.  I will put up the comments so you can see what some people wrote.


Next favorite was the Ciate Monte Carlo just because it was so damn pretty and I did get to wear it all day sometimes I do a mani just for the blog.  I always have back up pictures in case something happens.  I have broken my pinkie twice and index once.  So, I have pics and other bloggers who if I asked I am sure would guest post but I still just paint my nails or get an idea and have to do it but it might not be practical for what I am doing that day so I have to take it off.  My therapist asks me doesn’t that kill you, I told her a little but I have pictures and know that someday I will redo the manicure again.  So, this the pic of Monte Carlo


Then there was this beauty from Whimsical ideas by Pam.   I love her polishes and she is the sweetest woman in the world.  This is Persian Violets a purple base loaded with lighter colored glitters in the purple family.  I loved wearing this one.  I usually get her polishes and put everything aside to wear them.


I really like the glitter polish on this manicure.  It is called Mooney from Tea Cups and KItttens.  The possibilities are endless with this glitter top.   There is a cute story behind this polish but it is rated PG and some things are best kept under raps, I chose the pink because I love black polka dots with pink and the ring just went perfect so I laugh when I see this but the glitter top is great.  You can get information at Mara’s blog at Mara in Polishland. 


Everything doesn’t have to be glitter and gold to make a statement.  This was the polish I wore on Valentine's Day and I just love the color not too brown not too red just a happy medium.  This is Cabernet by Ciate.


My favorite of the month is Cookie Monster.  I was in my just sitting in the polish room playing with Goldie and her Miss Piggy doll.  When the idea came to me.   While I was thinking I did run to the kitchen for a cookie and it all fell in place I set up the light box and then I used my little tripod to capture the picture and I just thought of a little kid or a woman sneaking a cookie.  You know us women we are always on some diet so I thought it was appropriate.


Those were my February Favorites.  Do you agree?
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