Sunday, March 31, 2013

Zoya Dahlia

This is Pixie Dust Dahlia from Zoya's new pixie dust collection.  It's nice, spreads smoothly but alas, I predict only a passing trend.  I haven't heard or read anyone say.  I totally love this polish, I can't live without it.  It will be around maybe one more season then, I predict with some certainty that Zoya's fall line will be glittery and holographic because that is what we really like.  Now, if you haven't seen the summer line it is probably three posts after this one.  They have a pixie dust set.  A colorful creme set and a shimmery summer color set.  All the sets are due out on April 15 th.  America's day favorite day, tax day.  So does Zoya really expect us to spend close to 150.00 for all three sets?  Yes, they do.  Everyone has a pixie dust polish perhaps the whole set.  So, what to do?  I just don't know, I love Zoya and I want all three sets but I probably won't get the pixie dust set unless, I change my birthday wish list and ask for enough gift cards to buy a set.  But I get a new polish everyday.  I usually do.  I get depressed if I don't.  I am like a drug addict who needs her fix.  I had to stop.  Now, I get one every three days.  We laugh about it and so do others but it was really starting to take over and I was an addict.  I still am.  So, I am going to limit myself to half the collection and just one pixie dust plus to fund this I am going to have a blog sale.  Watch for that in a couple of days.  So, I not all that impressed with this pixie dust.  I did a black mani with glitter embossing powder the name of the post is "Yes, You Can Wash Them" and I got more compliments than with the pixie dust, so no I am not impressed, I don't think you should invest money in the whole summer pixie dust line, save it for the "real" nail polish.  If you must buy one do so but don't get suckered into the buying the whole thing.  Go to Michael's and get some glittery embossing powder when you have a coupon or they are on sale. Cost?  About $2.00.  That is my honest review now I know that I just lost all my chances of Zoya ever giving me products to review but some times you just got to speak the truth.

Ciao for now and those celebrating Easter have a great one,





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