Sunday, July 20, 2014

Monarch Butterfly

I remember being a little girl and loving to catch butterflies.  I would grab them by their wings but then I noticed that trying to let them go was futile.  Why?  Be cause if you grab them by the wings you are removing a special chemical product they have on their wings which helps them fly.  I did not know that until my aunt told me.  One thing she did tell me is that if you hold your finger out they will come land on your finger the main thing was not to feel fear.  I don't know why anyone would feel fear so we stood there and sure enough a butterfly landed on my finger after a minute later I got one too.  So, butterflies were my first lesson on patience.  It was nice and handled perfectly by my aunt.

The colors I used are from the new Cirque Heritage collection.  I did gradients with different colors on each nail then I stamped using BM424.  Some people do know how draw the butterfly.  I can too but if I can stamp.  I stamp.  I plan to do one with the actual colors of a butterfly with a orange red yellow gradient.





So, those are my nails.

Ciao for now,

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