Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cirque Sanguine

This is a gorgeous polish from Cirque.  It is from one of the older collections but it is just gorgeous.  Cirque has turned out to be a very good line of polishes.  I have almost stopped buying OPI, ZOYA and China Glaze.  It seems that indies can meet all my polishing needs.  If there one thing about me is that I like to be different.   I just saw the OPI Notdic Fall collection.  So, many dupes.  Don't get me wrong I need certain polishes which are staples but I just get much more excited from an indie release.  I just think this polish is beautiful and great for summer and really how many times does a polish company actually drop their prices.





They have a new line coming out August 5th.  You can buy this another polishes at their website Cirque.
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