Sunday, July 20, 2014

Urban Decay Naked Pallette 3

Has anyone bought the Urban Decay Naked pallette?  It's nice enough but how many can really wear all the eye shadows?  Not many this is my naked pallete I ever bought and it went right back.  I'd  say it is only good for two skin types very fair or dark skin anywhere in the middle and you are out of luck unless you want to wear a white base.  I am not crazy about white bases.  Some people are really upset that the pallete is made this way but every cosmetic cannot be for everyone.  They make make ups for dry, combination and oily.  Personally, I cannot wear foundations for dry skins because I have combination.  So, I was upset but it is just one of those cosmetics that I personally can wear went and returned it for the Kat Von D monarch pallette which is so much prettier any way.  One thing I find is that people buy cosmetics that don't work but keep them.  You can return anything you don't like or doesn't work.  Just make sure you save your receipt and cosmetic counters will change it out especially if you ordered online.  I used to be embarrassed to return cosmetics bout no more.  So, now I don't really have anything in my makeup collection I don't use. I literally use everything I have.  Another piece of advice, you know how cosmetics companies have a gift with purchase.  I used to go wild and have to get that gift but I usually ended up with a whole lot of nothing.  Don't get sucked in.  If you are going to just buy a concealer and it is not enough for the gift so what.  Do you really need that gift no.  Save your money and head to any other department where you know you need nothing.  If you change your mind and have to get that gift you can go back the next day and purchase something else to get that gift if they say no.  Return your purchase, they will work with and if not return your purchase and go back the next day and get your gift.   If they complain ask for the manager she won't let a sale go.

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