Monday, July 7, 2014

Signing in

I have made a major decision.  I am not going to let this back surgery and all the complications because of it take away the one of the things I loved doing away from me.  After much research I pushed my doctor into finally admitting that there is a problem, it's scary and he has to fix it.  When I woke up from surgery of course the pain was terrible but there was something else I immediately complained about and that was that my feet felt like they had marbles on the bottom when not 24 hours out of surgery they made me walk.  They had not done enough to ease my pain even though morphine had been ordered I never got it.  I had the surgery in an outpatient surgical center the doctors owned.  I stayed three nights because they could not release me.  The last night I was there, I told the doctor I could not believe the only pain medication I could have was Hydrocodone.  A medication that is for mild pain.  He said I ordered morphine.  I told him I never got a drop even tough I was crying in pain.  I immediately got the morphine.  It was too late though.  I never got pain relief.  Last Tuesday, I just stopped pain meds but after two days realized I still needed something now and then.  The reason I still need something is my left leg retaining so many fluids it is crazy.  I got medication to solve it but it only cured the left side.  Scary because when people have heart problems they do get edema.  So, I really challenged this doctor and I won!  When does that ever happen.  I needed a win to gain confidence that this problem will be fixed on this doctor's dime.  Patty- (1) Kant (-1).  I am winning.   I have some people to help get through this and I am so grateful.  I am going to be okay.
(I am going to edit some pictures tonight I have a review on one of the best beauty products on the market right.  So, look out for that)
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