Friday, December 21, 2012

Polish of Day 67 butter London Aston

This is Butter London Aston.  November was a heavy Butter London month.  There were specials all over the place and I did go a little wild.  This color is so pretty because it is so feminine.  I love the pink undertones.  The picture on the site makes it look very different from what it really is.  I was expecting more of a brown tone but was pleasantly surprised to see this beautiful color.  I was swatching that day and of course it came right off after taken the pictures.  Needleless to say I was very pleased.

aston 1

aston 2

aston 3

aston 5

aston 6

Did you find any good deals during November on butter London?  If you did, did you buy more than you should have?  I did and I still have more on my wishlist.
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