Monday, July 2, 2012

Blue Monday

It is truly a blue Monday with the clouds out in the sky and being unable to eat next to nothing but I am thankful to be home from the hospital.  I got my bundle monster 2012 plates had to use them last night.  So, for this manicure I found some nail polish from Maybelline called the denim collection it is only 2 polishes and they are called denim wash and styled out for this manicure, I used styled out. The formula was good and it dried and allowed me to stamp well.  I’ll be honest I am not the best stampers and I do need to use the konad polishes if I don’t have a color I need  I usually get to mixing the color.  I am thinking of doing a gradient stamping color.  we will see ho that goes.  Maybelline can be purchased almost anywhere as you know but I did have to go to two walgreens to find these.  Price$5.00.
Caio for now,


db den 2


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