Monday, July 16, 2012

Shape shifter. Lynderella

Ok, at the risk of getting stoned, I am going to admit, I am not crazy about this one why? It is gritty over shiny and t nought I was going to cut my fingers just touching the top. I think I will work it a little and see what I can do with it. . I wore it over different colors and try to get it to work some how. If not, I will more than likely make it disappear.  As it is unless you are really rich Lynderella is no longer affordable for me.  I saw a bottle go on sale on ebay for like $70.00.  That is crazy and I did see the seller was Lynderalla.  Her polish is nice but there are a lot of other indies who are doing some of the things she is doing.  I really don't know what happened between Llarowe and Lynderlla but it might have been a bad mood.  I know I ordered four polishes and when the invoice came in I felt some pressure to pay like now.  I had sent a wish list in sometime in February got the invoice I think in May and then didn't even get the polish till June.  I am just not willing to do business with a company like that.  I wish Ms.. Lynderalla all the prosperity in the future but if her prices are going to anything more than $26.00, the same price as Chanel, I won't buy.  I haven't bought any Chanel polish because I haven'[t seen anything I absolutely love.  I did just buy my first two Illamasqua's lastt week and did spend $25.00 on two of the Ciate Manicures.  I did not know about the little microbeads when I bought them and I know that the nail community is not buying them but in the near future I am going to show them.  So here is shape shifter, maybe I can put it in a molcajete.   For those who don't have grandmothers who make this really hot salsa in them it is just a mexican morter and pestil. 

Here she is.

What do you think about this polish?  Would you pay $40.00-$60.00 for a bottle of this?

Ciao for now,

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