Monday, July 9, 2012

Blue Monday

I hope everyone had a good weekend.  I know I did my sutures were finally taken off and I don’t feel so much pain.  They had been on a little too long and were starting to get infected and the good thing is that they did not mess with my belly piercing so I still have that.  I got that done when I turned forty just to say I had done something.  I don’t get tattoos as it is forbidden by my religion and if I don’t get cremated, I do wish to be buried in a Jewish cemetary. 
once again the weather in Houston is horrible.  It is raining but you never know here in Houston, it has the weirdest weather.  The morning could be plagued by thunderstorms and flooding then by 2:00pm. The sun is out and it is hot. 
Today I am showing you an beautiful Orly nail polish
it is called Lunar eclipse and it is part of the FX line and is just gorgeous.  If the sun catches it a certain way it  looks purple.  The good thing is that you can still buy it in stores, but for me I do all my shopping on the Internet.  I just have to be in the mood to shop outside my computer.
so, on this one I started with lunar eclipse and was going to use my new bundle monster plates to .  I was going to use plate bm301 but which sorta looks like snow falling but it did not work out so I randomly covered the the nail and had plate bm323 out and saw an image that was kinda lacy so, I stamped that diagonally using Konad black across the nail.  Then I put a top coat of essence special effects.  This a true case of serendipity.  I think they looked really but the plan just didn’t go through.  so as the saying goes when you get lemons thrown at you make lemonade.  I hope you like.
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