Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Goldie on Vacation

At some point this summer, I have to go to the beach.  I wish I could go to a really nice one but there is a little beach about an hour and a half out of Houston called Surfside.  Not at all what I am used to but it is ok.  Of course we can't go to the beach without Goldie, so she comes with us.  Last year, when we went to Vegas and California, she had to stay home and she was MAD for about two days.  She is so funny when she gets mad because she raises her tail higher than usually and walks around the apartment pretending that my husband or I are not here.  So, she is going to the beach and I found the cutest little bathing suit at Etsy I thought I was ordering the hat that went with it but I didn't.  I notified the owner and I am awaiting her response as to whether or not I can go ahead and buy the hat.  She is really going to love that.  She did not take her nap today because we were busy and she was tired when I took these pictures but she looks really cute and I have to share it with you.  Just the bathing suit is worth looking at if you have a small dog.  So here is Goldie ready to go on vacation.
She is shy in the first picture but by the second she is ok.

So, she is ready to go.  Right after this photo shoot she put her pajamas on and went to sleep.
Something that I should do now too.

Ciao for now bellas,

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