Monday, July 2, 2012

Candy Shop Deborah Lippman

I’ve really been finding some good deals on some  Deborah Lippman nail polish.  This is candy shop with very girly colored glitter.  the  formula was a little thick as I have noticed with all Deborah Lippman polishes so I just put some Seche Vite restore.  That is GREAT!  Not only for your seche vite but also for your nail polish.  The thing is it is hard to find.  They NEVER have it at my Sally’s or any one I wonder into.  Forget about Ulta.   They don’t have it and act like they don’t even know it exists so my advice to everyone is to buy it online.  there are several places you can get it.  Ebay, Amazon, Transdesign etc.  After a couple of drops of restore it went on great and one coat of topcoat and you are good to go.  it is great for when you are just feeling really girly.  OH, and I got this one for $13.50. 
ciao bellas,
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candy shop 3
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