Monday, July 16, 2012

Polish Room

When I was a little girl I had my own room and in my room it was decorated with all my dolls, dollhouses, doll clothes and shoes.  I loved shoes even as a little girl.  My room pretty much stayed the same until I was in the fifth grade when I started to like music.  Then It was Peter Frampton all over the place.  I remember the first time I heard Frampton Live I knew I would be a rock chick forever.  Even in my earlier years I used to love to watch the Rolling Stones, Doors and of course my favorite the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show but by the time I was around twelve there were no Doors or Beatles just the music they left behind.  Hppie culture was dying but it was still underground.  Disco was king and now that I am older I admit I like disco,  but always rocker at heart.  There was a local band and I was a real groupie.  Just like the movies, hotels after gigs, lots of liquor, drugs and sex.  I had my guy,  I only partook in the liquor part.  There was a lot of fighting.  Rooms getting trashed, and some daring shit going on. It got to a point where it wasn't fun anymore and I knew someone was going to die.  I broke up with my boyfriend and a couple of weeks later one of the band members died in a bad car  accident.  The band is still together and when they come to town it is nice to see the guys and talk about old times, but we are older now and some of the guys are bald,  Somehow, we all turned out alright.  Most of us went to college and graduated and have been in successful careers.  Some left and we have no idea where they are like my boyfriend.  I know he lives in Houston but I have no idea where he is.  I hope he is well and not dead.  So,  being out so much I really didn't care what my room looked like.  After the groupie scene, I started hanging out at the beach a lot.  My room took quite a turn after that.  I had fish nets, shells buoys all over the place.  My room became a boat.  Then I got married and if you are a newlywed or remember being one, it seems like most of our furniture comes from relatives homes.  I have been married to my current husband for ten years in August.  It seems like just yesterday and our furniture is what we picked together.  We have a spare room and I decided to turn it into a polish and knitting room.  It is still a bedroom so I can take an afternoon siesta like I often need during the day.  It is not finished because I need to get more shelves and inventory but it is really coming along,  so I just wanted to give you a peak into my space.

Polish I need to inventory so I can shelve.

All OPI's

Shelves I got at Ikea.  Need to get some more.

This will be the desk to do stamping and painting

The left is a Zoya stand that I bought on Ebay cheap and next to it is the elctropop[ collection from China Glaze).  If you order your polish from Transdesign alot of times they have the display unit that comes with it.

It is funny how i got this one.  I was at  Ulta and they had about three of these stacked up.  I got one and asked if they would sell it to me because when this collection came out it came with 24 bottles instead of twelve.  The girls looked at me like I was crazy and said I could have it and that they usually throw those away.  I was like SCORE!

These are three things I cannot live without when stamping the pink thingy holds cotton so I can wipe my plates when needed.  I use a Konad plastic scraper that does not have a blade so it will not scratch my plates and of course as my neice calls it the polish chair. 

This is my practice finger that my husband actually suggested I buy.  I don't always use it but I am starting to as my ideas are becoming more intricate.

So along with all that I have a chest for my yarn and knitting notions a queen size bed and of course a tv.  There is also my treadmill and ab lounger both work very well for drying clothes I don't put in the dryer.  Maybe someday I'll really use them.  till then they are expensive clothes dryers.

I have a theme coming for this week, it is BEATLEMANIA,  So, I am going to do nails inspired by certain songs of the Beatles.  Do you have a favorite song from the Beatles and if you do what is it?
Comments are greatly appreciated.

Ciao and till tomorrow, have a safe night,

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