Saturday, July 28, 2012

Light Blue Marbling

It had been about eight months since I had done marbling.  That was what got me into starting on stamping too, before I was into nail polish but just the colors and no nail art.  Marbling started the whole nail art thing for me.




So for this I used only Essie nail polish, I used Bikini So Teeny, A bottle that does not have a name and I don’t remember the name, Turks and Caicos and A Crewed Interest..  I didn’t marble all the fingers just because I thought it looked interesting with just two fingers marbled.  I have two tips on marbling:  1.  you need to use bottled water and second if you keep your apartment or house very cold and the water is not really room temp.  pop the water in the microwave for a couple of seconds just to warm the water and help the polish spread when you drop it in the water..  Most polishes work for marbling.  My next marbling is going to be with del sol nail polish.  It is a nail changing polish.  one color inside and one outside.  So keep an eye out for it next week.
Till tomorrow,
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