Sunday, July 15, 2012

China Glaze On Safari Part II

Here are the rest of the colors from the new China glaze line On Safari.

This one is I' not lion.  A glitter that is pretty matte.  If you want a shine you are going to need a couple of top coats to get a shine.  Still very pretty and verstile for the rest of the line.

This one is I Herd That.  It is a coppery glitter and probably my favorite color of the whole line.  This one too is a matte and needs several top coats to get a shine out of it.

This one is Adventure ready.  A nice read creme which we all probably already have in our collection.   What can I say?  Nothing special.  It should have been in the spiderman line.

This one is prey tell.  I kinda like it for fall but it definitely needs some zuzing up.  Like some gold flakes.  Maybe even a silver flake. 

Elephant Walk.  Now this is something different.  Between a gray and a green.  Interesting but needs some time of glitter top.

Call of the Wild.  A deep brown.  A good color for fall a bit boring though but get creative and put something on top of it and maybe it will look ok. 

Oh, boy.  this is man hunt.  I want to cry.  I just can't say anything other than it is a blue. 

 Overall, the line is ok.  Too many of the colors are just dull.  But I just thought I could use them for water marbling.  They might be good for stamping but I bought them and I figure something to do with them.  I give polish away lots of times.  I think I am going to do a give away for my 100th post and kinda wish I could close it just to followers but unfortunately I have to have followers.  I am also trying to get some things that would make a good giveaway.  I don't want to give away anything I would not use myself.  
I am also a part of Latina Bloggers and followers sometimes make the difference on whether or not I get a promotional campaign.  I did one and really enjoyed doing it so I am going to have to open the giveaway.  I will let you know more I am lingering at about 90 posts. 

Ciao for now,
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